Can Germaine Greer still be called a feminist after her comments on rape? | Letters

Four readers join the debate provoked by the author of the 1970 feminist bestseller The Female Eunuch, who recently called for rape sentences to be lowered

There are important points in Germaine Greer’s proposal to reduce sentences for rape (See rape as careless instead of violent and lower the punishment, says Greer, 31 May) but it is a pity she presents it in such a provocative manner – as if she intended to anger victims of rape.

Given the nature of the adversarial legal system, rape cases always end up with, in the absence of witnesses, the jury trying to figure out who is telling the truth – the alleged victim or the alleged perpetrator. There is a far greater onus on the victim to prove it was non-consensual sex. The truth is often somewhere in between, as communications around sex tend to get lost in translation, as Greer points out.

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